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Travel insurance to the USA

Most people wouldn't consider travelling to the USA without travel insurance. They know that if you have an accident or bcome ill in America, you are likely to undergo a multitude of tests, not only to confirm a daignosis but to rule out other possibilities.

Even if you're well, and your HIV is well controlled by medication, it's understandable to think you'll be alright. However, this is what someone who had taken out one of our policies reported to us:

I am a hugely satisfied customer of It's So Easy Travel Insurance and related medical assistance group Specialty Assist. I am generally healthy, having lived with HIV on medication for a decade. Until my recent holiday to Florida, I had never spent a single night in hospital. When I took out annual travel cover for my boyfriend and me in March 2014, I never imagined that I'd be rushed into an American ER room three weeks later. A small stye on my right eye had developed into an antibiotic-resistant cellulitis. I was told it was serious and required immediate IV antibiotics, which would mean being admitted to hospital. From the word go, I was treated [by the 24 hour assistance service] with compassion, care and respect. I was given a simple-to-remember individual case number. I was told clearly what information/action was needed from me and what, in turn, they would endeavour to do for me. Within 48 hours of being admitted, Specialty Assist confirmed I was covered for my mounting medical expenses and every agent I spoke with treated me as an individual and helped ease my concerns about the bills. Specialty Assist dealt directly with the hospital after admission, freeing me to concentrate on my recovery, and recouping the relatively small amount of pre-admission charges I'd accrued from attending a walk-in clinic and pharmacies in the week before I was admitted. After returning to the UK I submitted this claim, which was handled swiftly and without question. In summary, I a very grateful for all your help and so pleased that I took out a policy with It's So Easy. Thanks very much for being there when I needed you! I have already recommended your business to friends and colleagues. Well done.

It's also worth considering that you could end up in hospital because of an accident or because of someone else's actions. For example, you could be hit by a car or bike; attacked; or just trip over a paving stone! We don't want to sound like bringers of doom but accidents in life do happen that are nothing to do with someone's state of health.

We can't emphasise enough how important it is to declare all pre-existing medical conditions you might have. For example, a common side effect of HIV medication is a heightened cholesterol level. This needs to be declared along with anything else for which you've received treatment, advice or medication. You can read the Health Warranty in our Policy Wording.

If you require treatment while in the USA that's related, directly or indirectly to an undeclared pre-existing medical condition, it's possible the claim will be declined. This happened to one of our clients, who ran up a $50,000 medical bill because he had conditions that hadn't been declared and wouldn't have been accepted for cover if he had declared them.

It's just not worth taking the risk of travelling to the USA without being protected by our HIV-inclusive travel insurance

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