Single trip policies

Single trip policies are designed to cover you for only one trip. Although we also have available an annual, multi-trip policy, it might not be suitable for you because:

  • You won't be travelling more than once in the next twelve months (if you do, it might be more economical to buy an annual policy)
  • Your trip is longer than 60 days. Our annual policy can cover you for up to 60 days per trip. If you have an annual policy up to that maximum but your trip is longer, you won't be covered for any part of your trip.

Our single trip policy can cover you for up to 365 days. That isn't the same as an annual policy. It means your one trip can be as long as 365 days. As soon as you return to your home country, the policy ends and you cannot use it for additional trips.

To obtain a quotation for a single trip, simply click the link to the right of the pictures above, input your departure and date you'll be actually back in your home country. Choose your destination and who will be travelling and your quotation will appear on the next screen.

You'll see there are two levels of cover. You'll be able to compare them, using the table further down, which shows what's covered and the maximum financial amounts.

You will also be provided with annual policies available to you (if any), so you'll be able to decide whether one of those would be more economical, depending on your travel plans. If your trip is longer than 60 days, no annual policy will show, as 60 days per trip is the maximum available within an annual policy.