Single trip policies

Single trip policies are designed to cover you for only one trip. Although we can also provide annual multi-trip policies, this might not be a suitable option for you if you don't intend to travel more than once in the next twelve months (if you do, it might be more economical to buy an annual policy)

Our single trip policy can cover you for up to 365 days. That isn't the same as an annual policy. It means your one trip can be as long as 365 days. As soon as you return to your home country, the policy ends and you cannot use it for additional trips.

To obtain a quotation for a single trip, simply click the quotation and booking button at the top of this page. You’ll need to enter your trip details and a price will appear to the right of your quote screen. If you want to proceed, fill out your personal details and answer our health declaration.

We offer two levels of cover – Standard or Enhanced. The cover provided on each of these levels is detailed in our policy wording. You will have the option to add additional cover for hazardous sports or activities and an excess waiver to remove any excess payable in the event of a claim.