The Health Screening Process

The health screening process with It’s So Easy Travel Insurance is unique in that we have a large quantity of automatically covered medical conditions. If all your conditions are among the automatically covered list, you don’t need to do a medical screening and will not be charged any additional fees for your pre-existing conditions.

HIV is among our automatically covered conditions, providing your medication has not stopped, started or changed in the last 4 weeks. Unless you have medication conditions to declare that are not on the automatically covered list, you’ll never need to screen your HIV and it won’t appear on your policy documents.

Instead of making you declare your HIV and asking you questions about it, we have what we call a Health Declaration. This asks questions about other aspects of your medical situation, for example, about whether you have other medical conditions that you need to have covered and whether you are waiting for the results of any tests or investigations. The questions can be seen in our policy wording.

Depending on your answers to these questions, you might need to undertake our medical screening process to determine whether we can extend cover for your pre-existing conditions. Sometimes, depending on the answers to certain questions, it's necessary to speak with a qualified nurse. Using their years of experience, this provides a more tailored and sometimes more flexible assessment of your medical circumstances.

If you meet the Health Declaration, you can proceed to book your policy with us without any further medical screening.

If you are required to undertake a medical screening then please remember, if you choose to buy another policy in the future, you will need to answer the questions in the Health Declaration again. We are required to obtain accurate and up to date information about your medical circumstances to ensure you are adequately covered. Even if your situation hasn't changed since the last time you were insured with us, you will need to answer the medical questions again otherwise your cover could be invalid, which could have serious implications if you need to make a claim.