Frequently Asked Questions

If you are HIV+ and buy a policy that doesn't cover pre-existing medical conditions or you haven't declared that you're HIV+, any claim directly or indirectly related to HIV would be declined. This could include claims for cancellation, medical consultations and treatments, or needing to cut short your holiday.

Even if you had a non-HIV related illness or accident and your HIV status became known, the insurer may void the entire policy as you would be regarded as not having disclosed all material facts. This could mean thousands of pounds in treatment and return home flights – many thousands of pounds if you need an air ambulance.

We offer insurance for individual trips or you can be covered for any number of trips in a year under an annual, multi-trip policy.

The maximum number of days within a single trip policy is 365. Within an annual policy, you can be covered for up to 31, 45 or 60 days per trip.

There are two levels of cover for both single trip and annual policies: Standard and Enhanced. You can read the difference between them by viewing our policy wording.

We can cover a wide range of sports and activities. Those that are considered to be a higher risk will attract an additional premium. Please see the section in our policy wording.

Each policy has an excess, which is the amount of any claim that you have to meet before the insurance pays the balance. However, can take out an excess waiver, which means if you make a claim, in the insurance will pay the full amount.

Yes – we can insure people under a single trip policy up to the age of 79 and under an annual, multi trip policy up to the age 74 (the relevant age is the age you are when you book the policy with us, not how old you will be when you travel.

If you are older than these ages, please take out our other policy that can include medical conditions by going to and clicking on the quotation button for pre-existing medical condtion insurance. That policy doesn’t have an upper age limit. However, it will list HIV as well as any other medical conditions you declare on the policy documents.

Our policy is comprehensive and includes cover for medical expenses, cancellation, curtailment, loss of baggage and personal items and much more. Full details of the cover can be found by viewing our policy wording.

There are two levels of cover: Standard and Enhanced.

If your medication is lost or stolen we will pay a doctor’s fees to obtain replacement. If you cannot obtain replacement medication in the country you’re visiting, we will pay for you to have medication couriered to you from the UK. You will need to make the arrangements and claim on your return.

Yes. No insurance policy will cover every situation and they all have exclusions. These are detailed in the policy wording. If you contribute to a situation that your claim relates to eg negligence or excessive alcohol consumption, it is likely the claim will be declined.

Yes, there is an excess in most areas of cover but not all. An excess is the amount you have to pay towards a claim before the insurance pays the balance. Please see the policy wording for details.

You can take out an excess waiver, which means if you then make a claim, the insurance will pay out in full. The cost of the excess waiver depends on whether you are taking out a single trip or annual, multi-trip policy.

If you are travelling with others, they should seriously consider being covered by the same policy as you, even if they are not HIV+.

This ensures that should you need to cancel, cut short or extend your trip because you need medical treatment, your travelling companions would be able to claim for losses they incur because of cancelling, cutting short or extending their trip.

Your confidential information is not passed on or sold to, for example, marketing or other insurance companies.

However, it is necessary that the claims handling and 24 hour medical assistance services have your details if you need to contact them, in order to be able to help you.

We have written confirmation from our Underwriter that they do not disclose confidential information to other companies.

We are registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner.

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