Annual, multi-trip policy

Depending how often you intend to travel over the next 12 months, our annual multi-trip policies can often be more economical than purchasing single trip insurance each time you travel. Plus, you’ll only have to take out one policy and answer one set of questions!

You can take any number of trips per year within an annual multi-trip policy but there is a maximum number of days permitted per trip. This can be up to 31, 45 or 60 days.

If you buy a policy up to 31 days per trip and then need to be covered for longer, you can upgrade either to 45 or 60 days per trip on the same policy.

If you've bought an annual policy of up to 60 days per trip, you cannot extend the number of days covered. If you're travelling longer than 60 days, that trip will need to be covered by a single trip policy. Please note that if you travel for longer than 60 days under an annual policy, you will not be insured for any part of the trip.

Cover for cancellation costs starts only from the start date of your policy. Therefore, it's recommended that you choose a start date some time before the departure date of your trip. If, between the start date of your policy and your departure, you need to cancel your trip, cover will be in place. Please see our policy wording for situations where a claim for cancellation can be made.